Landscaping Spanish

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App Description

Instant bilingual Spanish-English communication for landscaping professionals.

Introducing the easy, powerful and effective job-site language tool: "Landscaping Spanish" for Android.
The app comes with an on-board database that is comprised of professional & accurate translations specific to all aspects of the landscaping trade.
Phrase categories include: General landscaping, gardening, watering, waterscape, hardscape, fences, planting, snow removal, painting, plumbing, electric, equipment maintenance and driving).
Additional categories are: greetings & farewells, conversation, managing, firing, emergencies, house, time, locations, measurements, numbers and more!
If you want to have some fun with some jokes, popular expressions or famous saying...check out the "Just for fun" category.

Additional features:
- Spanish-English Dictionary
- Spanish-English Translator
- Audio Pronunciation (for both Spanish & English)
- Speech Speed Control (slow down or speed up audio pronunciations)
- Easy Access to Over 973,000 terms
- Bilingual Text-to-Speech Audio Pronunciation
- Share Features (text, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
- More…

With “Landscaping Spanish” you can:
- Gain instant bilingual communication with comprehensive access to over 973,000 common job-specific words and phrases in Spanish & English.
- Overcome language-barriers and avoid costly communication mistakes on the job.
- Look up words and translations using just your voice.
- Instantly find what you’re looking for rather than relying on inaccurate translators or paper dictionaries.
- Get audio pronunciation of all words and phrases in Spanish and English.
- Adjust the speech speed with a slower-faster slider for all audio pronunciations.
- Forget about lousy computer voices. Hear the words or phrases pronounced in authentic native voices using the one-click pronunciation icon.
- Share translation feature. Instant one-click E-mail or Text of bilingual translations using the “Share” button. Also ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
- Access phrasebook with common job-specific categories: (General Landscaping, Gardening, Watering, Waterscape, Hardscape, Fences, Planting, Snow Removal, Painting, Plumbing, Electric, Equipment Maintenance, Driving, Measurements, Numbers, Hiring, Firing, Managing, Conversation, Emergencies, Greetings, Farewells, Time, House and Locations). Entries include prepositional phrases, idiomatic expressions and compound forms).
- Store favorite translations by clicking “Favorite” button for even faster access to your most important translations.
- View history button to see recent search results.
- Reverse look-up using quick switch language selector icons and mobile devise auto language detection.