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Covert Alert

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App Description

Covert Alert - Personal Safety and secret covert recording and amazing covert texting secretly to anyone! 3-1 mobile app on steroids!

Did you know that in the US one person is victimized every 1.6 seconds?
Covert Alert is a 3-1 mobile app on steroids that features covert texting, covertly recording even in locked screen or black screen mode! + much much more the app that notifies selected contacts when you are in danger and offers "Safety in Seconds", with No Monthly Subscription Cost. Do not become another statistic!
- SPEECH ACTIVATION: in an emergency situation you will not have the time to pick up your phone and unlock it, therefore the hands free activation makes it easily usable for activation with user specific keywords or numbers.
- COVERT MESSAGES: when an emergency occurs, the full name of the user will be sent to the designated contacts including the information about the user’s situation.
- REAL TIME GPS: sends the signals to the designated contacts, informing them that the user is in a dangerous situation and is in need of help. This allows tracking of the person using Real Time GPS.
- RECORD THE EMERGENCY: Covert Alert begins recording the events occurring in an emergency situation for a maximum period of 15 minutes. The recording is saved to the user’s local device and a backup is created off the local device for future retrieval if needed.
- CUSTOMIZABLE TEXT MESSAGING: Covert Alert allows the user the ability to customize 2 non-emergency messages, and send those messages to designated contacts without the recording feature in social settings by stating the preset keywords.
Covert Alert provides 50 free text messages with the initial purchase of the app. Additional text messages may be purchased at any time by the user within Covert Alert.
For more information about Covert Alert including our privacy policies; a complete user guide; additional features; or email addresses and phone numbers for support, visit us at, or follow us at, or twitter @covertalert.